Walking Through Fire

The Book

Randhir Khare's latest book- Walking through fire
Randhir Khare's latest book- Walking through fire

Lying critically wounded in hospital, Sean Varma tries desperately to decipher how he has come to be there, but his trauma prevents clarity and pushes him instead to recollect his fragmented life. From his beginnings in the dusty town of Kanpur to the teeming chaos of Calcutta, his childhood and growing years are spent in the very womb of a region struggling to cope with wars, insurgency and terrorism.

What makes his struggle so much more difficult is the fact that he is born of four different cultures - grandson of an English Private who has survived World War I and the beautiful daughter of a Spanish silk and spice merchant (on his mother’s side) and an Indian criminal lawyer and the daughter of an Indigo planter (on his father’s side). Constantly wedged between cultures, he finds himself increasingly rootless.

But tempered by fire, Sean’s life hurtles across the subcontinent to the apocalyptic moment that will change him forever.

Randhir Khare with the book- Walking through fire
Randhir Khare

The Author

Written in Randhir Khare’s characteristically simple but muscular style, the novel reinforces his position as an accomplished storyteller and prose stylist. As G.J.V.Prasad wrote in a review in Indian Review of Books, ‘…he is a frequent conqueror of Everest, among writers who are still searching for the best site for a summit camp. Khare does voices and he does them brilliantly. His characters come alive in all their vividness, in the uniqueness of their speech, their verbal expression. What he is interested in is people, some feeding on each other. He has a sympathy for everyone as they are pulled down by the inexorable tides of time and history, both personal and communal.’

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The Publisher

Niyogi Books is a relatively new but successful publishing house, publishing illustrated books on a wide variety of subjects - rich and eclectic in content and treatment and aesthetically designed. The publications are moderately-priced and are easily accessible and available to all sections of readers and book lovers, bookstores, libraries and institutions.

The dedicated, experienced and professional team members of Niyogi Books are sincerely involved in every stage of the publishing process be it the selection, sourcing, research and commissioning of subjects and authors; the evaluation, editing and designing of manuscripts or the production, promotion, marketing and distribution of the books.

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Sanjna Kapoor and Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharaya launched the novel at the Delhi Book Fair on 3rd September 2012. Sanjna spoke eloquently about the book in the larger context of the author's other literary and creative work whilst Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharaya spoke incisively and with critical appreciation about the novel as well as the author's previous novel OVER THE EDGE with specific emphasis on narrative technique.

Photo of Randhir Khare at Delhi book fair 2012
Randhir Khare at Delhi book fair

In his address, the author talked about how he has drawn from the material, situations and historical conditions of his life and times to craft the novel. 'However,' he said, 'I transformed the raw material of the original into a story. Something like the transmigration of a soul. So this is not the story of my life. It is a work of fiction that stands on its own two feet.'